Terms & Conditions

Grams Giveaway & Kratom Redemption Terms Of Service

  1. Users of this forum can earn Grams reward points and redeem these Grams reward points for actual Kratom via our integrated store. However, there are conditions as explained below.
  2. Users of this forum are only rewarded Grams for high quality content. Anything that is deemed to be low quality, such as one word posts, one-liner posts, gibberish/nonsensical posts, and spam posts will be deleted.
  3. The Administrators have the right to deem any post or topic as low quality and delete it.
  4. The Administrators are not required to give a reason for why they deleted a post or topic.
  5. If a post is deleted, the user will lose 1 Gram reward point. If a topic is deleted, the user will lose 2 Gram reward points.
  6. Essentially, high quality posts/topics are rewarded with Gram reward points, and low quality posts/topics are penalized via losing Gram reward points.
  7. At the time of site launch on February 18 users receive 10 Gram reward points for registering, 1 Gram reward points for making a quality post, and 2 Gram reward points for making a quality topic. The Administrators have the right to change the amount of Gram reward points that are given for registering, making a post, and making a topic, i.e. the Administrators can increase or decrease the Gram reward payouts at any time.
  8. The Gram rewards points system can be discontinued by the Administrators at any time and for any reason.
  9. When a user redeems Gram reward points for bags of actual Kratom in the store, the Administrators have the right to cancel the order if upon review it is determined that the user has abused or gamed the Grams reward points system in any way.
  10. To be clear, the Administrators can cancel a redemption order for any reason, and redemptions orders will only be fulfilled at the sole discretion of the Administrators.
  11. Only redemption orders within the USA include free standard USPS Shipping, international redemption orders will have to pay extra Grams reward points for the shipping costs.
  12. Grams reward points have no monetary value and cannot be transferred or traded.
  13. Kratomtopia and its Administrators are not responsible for loss of Grams reward points if you lose access to your account.