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Why did you begin taking Kratom?

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Quote from lenaBobbi on September 20, 2021, 12:15 am

I use it for energy and to help mellow my mood, usually have high anxiety for years i used alcohol to mask it but kratom has helped alot and dont have the usual bad effect that alcohol tend to cause

If you use too much, does it trigger your anxiety worse, inducing panic attacks? because I also have high anxiety, (GAD with panic attacks) and i'm trying to see if it's just how it affects me, or is there others that it does it too

I have chronic migraines. I was taking to many opiates for it and I get off them! Kratom is a life saver

i started because pain meds just weren't working anymore- I've been on them so long they weren't even worth taking anymore. Then I found Kratom-- not only does it help with my pain and migraines it helps with my anxiety and fatigue. Finding Kratom was the best thing thats happened to me.

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ive always needed something to get my mentality correct and i was sick and tired of being on a million different pills a day.. feels alot better knowing what im taking

I first started taking kratom because I heard it was good for pain and it helped with withdrawal symptoms so glad I tried it kratom really opened my eyes

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