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Why did you begin taking Kratom?

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Personally I started taking it to get off opiates and now its just kind of recreational usage.
What about you guys?

I started taking it when I would run out of my pain meds. Now I still take it for the same reason and it also sometimes makes my pain go away better than my pain meds.

I have chronic back pain which led me to addiction for off all that stuff and didn't want to be reliant on pills for my pain so I researched kratom and tried it and haven't gone back.

I personally started taking it for chronic pain. I was researching a natural alternative to my prescribed meds,and I came across it. It helps a lot more than my pain. It helps my anxiety and depression as well! It allowed me to eliminate almost all of my prescription meds!

I started about a year ago. I have bad moods swings and bad depression.  My wife asked my to try kratom that she was using for pain.  It balanced my mood out and now I use it daily.

To avoid other painkiller and dealing with lyme disease and other infections when my body is a mess I can't count it to calm it down and I can't have any seizures or convulsions on it either. It's been a big help from beginning to end with me and I can't see it leaving my life anytime soon.

To help with suboxone withdrawal, now I just like the energy boost and it also helps with anxiety and boosts the immune system!

For recreational use. I can't compare it to anything else and it's gotten me off some bad stuff. I'd easily consider kratom to be extremely life changing for the best in every way.

Because me and my wife was on Suboxone and we started using kratom to get off and using drugs and it is help tremendously

Personally I started taking kratom because it was recommended by one of my friends who was trying to get off heroin.  She had been successful with it bshe wanted me to try it because I have a rare chronic illness and was taking pain meds just to get through the day and they just made me a zombie. And it hated it. I am a stay at home and it dont want that life. Kratom changed my life. I can finction, it doesnt make me sleepy, it doesnt make just want to lay down. And beat off all it helps with my pain!! I have recommended it to everyone i know who has pain. I even had my dad start taking it. Im so thankful I found kratom! Green is best for me !

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