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White Willow Bark: One Of The Best Natural Painkillers, Powerful Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Quote from spacemarine on February 18, 2021, 8:08 am

White Willow Bark is an herb that I believe the Kratom community needs to known about. A large fraction of the Kratom community is using Kratom to alleviate chronic pain, and White Willow Bark is one of the best natural painkillers.

Essentially, White Willow Bark is the origin of Aspirin. Over 100 years ago Bayer Pharmaceutical derived Aspirin from White Willow Bark's active alkaloid Salicin.

Therefore, White Willow Bark has very similar properties to Aspirin, including pain relief and fever relief. In particular, White Willow Bark is particularly helpful for any sort of pain caused by inflammation, such as in the joints, muscles, or mouth, just like Aspirin.

Not only that, I am a firm believer that the natural version of a drug is always more effective, more beneficial, and safer than the pharmaceutical/synthetic version, so in my opinion White Willow Bark is even better than Aspirin.

Notably, White Willow Bark and Kratom theoretically makes an excellent painkilling combination, since they target different types of pain. Basically, Kratom targets the opioid receptors, whereas White Willow Bark targets different receptors to produce anti-inflammatory effects.

Therefore, Kratom + White Willow Bark can provide much more complete analgesia than Kratom alone.

You can read more about White Willow Bark at this link, as well as buy it.

Beyond that short info, let's extensively discuss White Willow Bark in this thread 😀

Thanks for this info. I love nature!