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What does everyone store their powder in?

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Zip lock bag works just fine

I hate ziplocs because krat always gets stuck in the little seal zippers and they stop working fast. powder sticks to the bag and i end up replacing them all the time. I really like little screw top containers for travel. Pop tops can come undone and make a mess.

Always have a half teaspoon or a teaspoon measure for 1g/2g measurements.

Although, i have some semi sealed coffee mugs that are great for kratom tea. Sometimes all you need is your daily in the cup and leave the krat storage container at home.





I use glass jars for mine. I have begged glass containers for my bigger bags. 

I use the bags they come in or ziplock bags. I have really been thinking about buying these little containers we sell where I work. They are small and they stack so i thought it might make storage easier.

The ziplocks are ok   They used to ship in the  metal / foil  ones.  need to  flick your finger to release the  powder from getting stuck in the zipper. I use the screw  type (  very best )    now for daily  &  the larger Tupperware for longer storage, as long as I keep it dry  it should last indefinitely.    a long long    long long time   ( if it  actually  lasts  before I dose  )

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I just use Quart or Gallon Ziploc Bags with Zippers. Get the Thicker ones Like Freezer Bags & they will last longer. Basically anything that has a good seal & keeps out Moisture, Heat & Air is good. I would think that a plastic container would be good as long as it had a good seal on it like a screw on lid or a very tight fitting lid. Keep your Kratom away from any moisture like in the bathroom or kitchen. Usually the Bedroom is a good place for it. Anyplace that you don't have heat or moisture & Kratom should last for a good 3 - 5 years if you have it sealed properly. I have Kratom that is almost 4 years old & it still has most of it's potency today. The Older Kratom is the more Sedating & Relaxing it will be usually. The Alkaloids change over time & can give you more pain relief & be a better relaxant for anxiety or insomnia.

Usually just the resealable bags they come in, but I have used quart sized freezer bags to keep it extra fresh! <3

Yes, the bags they come in work well enough, unless the ziploc tears. In that case I'll just transfer to a different bag. As long as it's stored away from heat and light, the powder will keep for a long while.

I store it in the waterproof dark bag they come in and put it in the refrigerator.

I keep mine in the bag it comes in.

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