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What does everyone store their powder in?

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I personally use these Tupperware containers with the twist on/off lids...they have been great but i would love to see/hear about what everyone else uses to store

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We get 500 gram bags at a time and store them in a large plastic jar that we got from a local kratom store before we found AB. I live in AZ where weed is legal now recreationally and the shops sells their bud in these awesome little plastic jars that are perfect for carrying some in my purse.

I also like using tupperware containers! It’s much easier than the bags, I feel like if I just leave it in the bags I have a hard time trying to get to it and I also make a mess.

I use zip lock bags with the actual zipper things on them and tupperware as well

Gallon zip lock bags.

Once I use all the capsules, I reuse the gallon zip lock bag they came in. But, occasionally makes a mess. I do like the Tupperware idea. I use a small round vitamin container with screw on lid that I use as my carry on that keeps 20-30 in.

Old tea tins with paper scoops. And mason jars, big and small!

The kratom we normally take, use to come in a container with a twist on lid, but for some reason they switch to zip lock, like, bags.. so we kept a couple if the old containers and pour it into there lol

Quote from SubstanceSquid on February 20, 2021, 9:18 pm

Old tea tins with paper scoops. And mason jars, big and small!

Funny i didn't think of Mason jars considering i lived in the south for about 13 years haha

That is where i learned that they're great for storing bud too

I legit just store it in the sealed bag it comes in, never had any issues.

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