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We need some new topic

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I have been through most of these we need some new discussions lets get some new topics and post

just start some new posts- people will reply.. its always nice to have some new things to talk about

I agree I have been trying to think of some new stuff to talk about to get some new stuff on here

Already June   anyone on vacation ?   used to spend a few weeks in Nags head

Not now   $100 in gasoline

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Not quite yet.. Lacrosse season is finally ending for my son this weekend-- its busy season where i work- we will be going to New Hampshire in July before Football starts.. not trying to travel much with the prices of everything at this point totally out of control

I agree,   seems like all the prices increase everyday.    I  spent more on the same groceries,   not quite double  &  the utilities are   edging up   every thing BUT not my income.

Omg gas where I live is going up 10 cents every couple of days its outrageous you spend a big chunk of your check in gas



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