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Talk About Anything Involving Cannabis In This Sub-Forum!


Although Cannabis is technically an Ethnobotanical, I figured it needs its own forum because Cannabis is so immensely popular. Therefore, if you are a fan of Hemp/CBD, Medical Marijuana, or even good ole' fashioned Weed, this is the place for you, and you can post anything you want to the full extent that free speech allows while remaining within the limits of the law, i.e. you can do anything besides peddle illegal weed in this sub-forum.

I use CBD for many reasons. Migraine, nausea, and anxiety being the main ones. I don't tolerate THC very well for some reason, so it works well for me. I'm considering getting my medical card, but am unsure of the process. Does anyone know?

I have smoked pot of corse but I haven’t used any CBD items.  My husband uses gummies & some of the buds. We aren’t very familiar with them.  He seems to like the brand Delta. I am interested in some of the topical CBD because I have arthritis in my hands.

I have tried several brands of CBD topicals, tinctures, and edibles and I think the topicals would really help you. They make lotions too. The edibles haven't really been as effective for me as the tinctures and the flower. I prefer to smoke the flower.

I have never smoked the flower but my fiance does and it really helps him. I have ate the honey sticks and those are wonderful. And the topical cream helps my arthritis.

I love cannabis it improves my life in so many ways. I love a nice sativa in the morning like Durban poison or green crack. For night time I of course use sativa like sour diesel or my personal favorite blue dream.


I have my medical card and it has changed my life.

Has anybody heard of cbd conversion to delta 9 and delta 8??

It's getting harder and harder to find a good streetflower vendor

This is awesome! I love a good cannabis friendly forum! I smoked quite a bit of high grade, along side my k. My mother is a terminal cancer patient, so we get the highest grade we can find. It seems to really help her. I've suggested K, but she is not very open to newer things, she's an old school lady. Anywho, super love this forum! I see myself being here frequently.