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Smoking Weed With Kratom


Where do you guys stand with this? I like to smoke like 30 minutes after I have taken kratom. It gives it more of a punch.

I do it every day!

I have a medical marijuana card prescribed to me for PTSD and major social anxiety...i smoke to keep me calm

And i take the kratom for pain relief and sometimes a little energy push

Have not had any crazy side effects if that's what you're wondering.

I always have to take my kratom first because if I smoke first, I forget to take the kratom. Then I start feeling all restless and stretchy from mild kratom withdrawl and I'm like oh shit, I gotta take my Kratom! Lol

??that would be me. Sometimes I do too much dabs and I need kratom to make me functional again.

I haven’t done them both together but I definitely want to try it now

I take the Kratom first and usually try to wait at least 30 mins before I smoke


I gotta say, lol smoking and burning, perfect combo am i wrong ?

I've smoked cannabis daily for about half my life and I have yet to find an ethnobotanical or psychoactive compound that I felt it didn't mix well with, besides large amounts of alcohol. Kratom and weed together are great as long as I don't overdo it and end up watching King of the Hill reruns all afternoon.

Definitely agree they are better together. I prefer KRATOM first followed 20-30 minutes by mmj..? sometimes with a side 250 mg dried???

Moderation is key. Too much of either one isn't so good. It can get dizzying and uncomfortable. But small amounts of each are comfortable!