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I tried salvia years ago. It was very pleasant. Everything turned green and purple visually. Like I read in another post it too helped me in facing fears. It would pull up the fear and then show me how to deal with it. It's great for personal internal work. I stopped using it after they banned it in the state I was living in at the time. It get me started on a more meditative path and maybe some day I'll use it again. It was a and I'm sure still is a great plant.

It doesn't sound as bad as I thought if I ever tried it I would want to do it with someone with experience so if I freak out they could calm me down lol

got some from a well known nl based vendor not too long ago, just some plain leaf. first time smoking it in like a decade. had a hell of a nice time - it never got too intense although i did have to buckle up mentally when things started getting weird. at one point the fiber of my being was doing this crazy zig zagging gravity dance which felt amazing. was standing there at one point holding my arms out and feeling amazed at the discrepancy between my still body and the amount of gravity dancing through me i could feel

I've always known Salvia to be like a horror trip drug. I now know that was just propaganda spread during the time period that it was popular... I'll have to look into it. It sounds very interesting

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