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I enjoy having trips from salvia because I find it helps me overcome fear after I have finished tripping. Anybody here like salvia D?

Quote from Lukeburn29 on February 18, 2021, 7:22 pm

I enjoy having trips from salvia because I find it helps me overcome fear after I have finished tripping. Anybody here like salvia D?

I really loved Salvia Divinorum back in my college days. I preferred the plain leaf, which produced an incredible mystical and meditative effect when smoked.

The most interesting thing is that there's a clear link between Salvia and the ancient Mayan and Aztec cultures. A lot of the fractals and imagery that Salvia produces looks exactly like Mayan/Aztec structures/art. And it was consistent every single time.

Personally, I am a believer in other dimensions, and it seems certain ethnobotanicals open up portals to certain dimensions. Therefore, my belief is that the Mayans/Aztecs frequently used Salvia and went into the 'Salvia dimension', and that inspired their art, architecture, and culture.

Of course, none of this post is scientific at all, just personal theories.

On a final note, I think people should definitely stay away from Salvia extracts. The plain leaf is the only thing that's good, cause it produces a very mild effect without any loss of self/reality. Just like everything else, Salvia is good when used in the proper dosage, but very bad when overdosed, and all the extracts cause an instant overdose.

It has been YEARS for me but i love it! Have trouble trying to find it up north though..When i purchased it before it was when i lived in Myrtle Beach, SC and even then we had to drive to NC right across the border to buy it.

I also agree, leaf only and in moderation as you CAN over do it

Extract landed me straight into an ambulance on the way to the hospital I felt like i was dying

Really. I wanted to enjoy it like the leaf way but big no from me and i won't do anything like that again

Sticking to kr@tom and weed

Thanks for the comments. I haven't heard the word salvia in such a long time lol

I have never tried it but watched a YouTube video of someone experiencing it for the first time and it was quite interesting. 

Salvia is a weird one. Salvinorin A, the primary active constituent, has the potential to reduce opioid tolerance and disrupt addiction and have antidepressant effects. It's not an alkaloid (no nitrogen) just carbon hydrogen and oxygen like thc or kavalactones for example.

Strange divine plant like all other ethnobotanicals deserve to be studied

it always had a mellow effect on me, back in 2012 a local head shop selling everything from k2 posh and salvia, I would get the little canister of black mamba salvia. I never had a issue with it but some of the k2/posh was a nightmare.

So the leaf wont make you freak out like the extract? Ive seen some crazy videos out there and heard horror stories from friends lol. I have explored "the otherside" a few times in a couple different ways in my time , is it much different than any other trip? I assume people dont realize what they are going to experience before smoking it and it freaks them out. Ive never tried it but would like to since its so hard to get my hands on any other "fungis" lol

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