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Redeemed Grams Review!

Hey all! Finally got my hands on the Amazing Botanicals redeemed Grams. 🙂 Glad to finally take a look and share. I just tried the GMD today, it seems extremely smooth, really slightly stimulating but some of the smoothest feeling kratom ive had in a long while. Ive tried a lot from many different vendors and I'm honestly struck by the quality. It has a fine flour-like or cornstarch-like grind. Im used to much more grainy kratom.

Thats not say that all grainy kratom is bad, ive had some great batches that seemed coarse - but the fact is truly micronized/flour ground kratom will absorb faster and more efficiently.

The smell was moderate, but fresh, and  refreshing. Smells like good clean kratom. Its funny to have this to compare to, ive had so many different batches that were so much worse in the past. Im quite pleased with the apparent quality, even more surprised since the forum is just giving this stuff away!

The best part in my mind was the packaging. I loved the graphics on the 100g bags. I bet its expensive but damn do those kratom leaves look cool! Very awesome graphic on the AB bags.

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Heres the smaller 30g bag and a picture of some GMD.

I haven't tried the WT yet but I will soon, and likely also try a blend with green. Planning to add some more review info on it.

The GMD seems kind of relaxing in a red sort of way - but it has this comfortable wakefulness to it. I can see this going either way. I bet in higher doses it gets more sedating. I bet it would be good to combo with a stimmy white.

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In the future I'll get around to reviewing the red bali and yellow vietnam. I think it would be cool to take some color photos of the powders in different lighting to compare them. And maybe another shot of each in tea to see how they brew up.

Even just after the one burn, I have a fairly high degree of confidence in Amazing Botanicals. Wasn't sure what to think but their prices are fair and the leaf seems great.


When you said "burn" my mind went straight to you're smoking it lol


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I've had the white thai and the red bali redeemed grams. I thought both were excellent.


Good review, thanks for sharing. It blends really well with the Yellow Vietnam.

Just tried the yellow Vietnam and I definitely like it. I'm not experienced with yellows. What are your favorite uses and blends?

I just tried the green Maeng Da from Golden Monk and this is definitely not totally green and is more yellow than anything I ever tried. If that's anything to go off of besides this one kind from them I might give an actual yellow labeled option a try cause I like the way this feels. Had a bit much cause I guess these days kratom isn't too thick in the mug making a nice muddy mess in there but it hitlike a train a while after my second dose. Well if anything that's a good sign that the stuff kicks. Actually got a bit of the wobbles but I found if you know how to manually make your self burp you can get all that gas out before you get super nauseated.

I find the 30 grams last me quite awhile. All the kratom I've gotten from Amazing Botanicals has been potent.