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Are there any smokers in here? I used to smoke cigarettes, but like 8 years ago I quit with the help of vaping, but my question is, what's your cig/vape usage like with kratom and without kratom? Personally, I vape a hecka lot more when i'm using kratom! 

  • Im going back and forth at the moment trting to quit cigarettes. I would chain smoke like crazy when taking kratom. I noticed when vaping i do vape alot but not as much as the cigs. Honestly though if i have a really good juice i will vape alot more than usual lol. I just recently tried Yogi vanilla tobacco granola bar and its probably the best i have found so far. Definitely worth trying

used to vape. A little nicotine on kratom was more pleasurable, but too much would lend itself to getting nauseous or the spins. I'd notice a tendency to vape more since it was pleasurable. But kratom was also a useful quitting aid. That and tapering juice nicotine concentration.

I quite cigarettes about 2 and a half years ago. My boyfriend and I, both did. We use a Juul now and I definitely feel like I vape a lot more when I take kratom. I just enjoy it more, lol

Most of the time I’m vaping a lot more.. then at some moments I don’t touch it

15 years of smoking cigarettes tried to quit several times but no luck wish kratom helped me kick that habbit

Been smoking for a few years I'm not really sure I've never payed much attention too it lol