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What music do you like to put on/play after you've done a dose and you're online, listening to music or up and about cleaning??? Let me know below, i'm looking for new music! 🙂

90s rock or acoustic rock does it for me..or just simply picking up my guitar and jamming is nice too

Periphery from near my hometown, they seriously fucking rock if you like progressive metal

This is a 3 song series with connected interludes called Muramasa/Ragnarok/Masamune

or maybe try one of my favs Racecar

or the Periphery II Album

Flobots from the albums Onomatopoeia, Fight With Tools, Circle In the Square and basically anything. The newest album or two is kinda whack.

Adding on that, in terms of hiphop, I like lyrical heavy groovy stuff. All kinds of stuff but really poetry and stuff that's groovy.

Artists: Wax (huge variety of great hip hop, funny guy, good vibes and also masochistic/self admonishing addict songs too for those who need some commiseration. Here is one song i found quick, but there are many others that are way better too
Here's a cute one about digging the fire chica at the dispensary counter 🙂 lol
Intuition and Equalibrum (Girls Like Me album is great so is the self-titled album),
Hieroglyphics (specifically the songs Powers That Be, Make Your Move, and Shift Shape)
Flatbush Zombies (different vibe but awesome and very dope lyricists, sometimes they come on a little strong: This is an album link, click around cause they have lots of very different stuff. )

This guy gawdlee has this really groovy extended play but I haven't stayed up to date with his music highly recommend a listen:





I like all kinds of music though I'm just throwing out what comes to mind. I kind of think I have very strange and niche music interest. So, I hope someone enjoys it and finds some sick tracks to groove to. And I also don't like everything from all these artists, but there's a lot of really fantastic good music to mine if you can find it. I never really got into music but I've been around instruments and musical people my life so I've picked up a lot of appreciation for technically talented producers and poets and stuff. Weirdos that are just passionate nerds.

Which reminds me Watsky is dope too.


Underachievers did a thing or two with Flatbush

Also flatbush has a sick album called DRUGS that has lots of gems and garbage. Lol

Babel by Flatbush is nice

With Skepta from europe

Mos Def - Mathematics (classic hip hop)

Heres some grooves from Grieves. His new music is really fire too

This guy Aesop Rock is a really weird guy, but INSANE poet, he has some of the most recorded variety of word use and the most complex word use I've probably ever seen. High metaphorical and multi meanings and entendre. This is one of my favorite more relateable tracks since he can be kind of esoteric sometimes. Many gems and good lines


Okay this is a lot of flatbush but this one is JUSt Erick Arc Elliott, he is a highly talented producer and vocalist. Great guy. Chill tune

More hardcore Meech heavy track

Flatbush, Joey Badass, and Dizzy Wright on the track Kirk Knight

Another joeybadass track

Palm Trees by Flatbush

TL;DR yeah this is actually just a lot of flatbush music links lmao I'll go find some more music





Scumbag - Wax (I think some people who benefit from kratom would appreciate this lil ditty)

No Smoking In The House - Wax

Livin Foul - Wax

Dont Need - Wax

You're Not Good Enough - Wax

I Don't Need No Drugs - Wax

Some odd Atmosphere track

A-Okay - Grieves

I like this track, very chill

This one is more party or high dose vibes.

What It Dew - Grieves

This one too lol Recluse - Grieves

Grieves is talented.

The Best Day - Atmosphere

None Shall Pass - Aesop Rock

Dont Forget - Atmosphere

The Number None - Atmosphere (for those people you can't be around anymore)

Yesterday - Atmosphere (for those that have lost someone)


Acid Raindrops - People Under The Stairs (The Grouch and others)

Breath - The Grouch

Never Falling Down - Living Legends

Silly Puddy - Zion I and The Grouch (this is a really spacey track. Dope track.)


This Is It - Flatbush Zombies

Classic... Passin' Me By - Pharcyde

Some old some new hiphop. Dang I'm having a good time trying to dig all these up haha


For when you need a little love in the universe these two are nice

Here For You - Eyedea

Smile - Eyedea


Weird Side - Eyedea

By The Throat - Eyedea

How Much Do You Pay? - Eyedea

The Dive part 1 and 2 - Eyedea


90's grunge, slipknot, black label society, soil, anything metal ❤

Honestly I love almost all music, I can't pick a fave lol