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Are there any certain strains that shouldn't be mixed? OR can you pretty much mix anything you want, just the effects will greatly vary? I've used kratom for a few years and I like to mix different strains, also i've seen "trainwreck" alot, but I cant find anywhere that explains what strains are in it, if anyone has further information, please fill me in!


Thanks! 😀

My full spec  is a blend of  what ever is left @  the bottom of a kg.   So,  it may be  Bali  blended with MD  with any of all the "names"    You know that  it is for marketing?   All kratom is blended, there is  no way  the leaves from many trees would be kept separate until  milled into powder, reds are usually  dried  out in the sun  & green in the shade.  When blended,   the alkaloids seem to balance out  &  becomes a bit more potent;

If you have ever visited a rain forest ( where all kratom grows ) It is called that cos it rains - ALOT  they have 2 seasons (wet  &  dry )   Dry   from  Apr - Sept  & Wet ( monsoon season ) in our  winter  Oct - Mar   It still rains in the dry season,  only   1 - 2 days a week,   not   every  day for  hours.

Back to Blending   I  do not think you can  go wrong  mixing / blending any  together,  just   shake  shake to  make sure that it all gets  separated & not clumped together.  You may want to start a  "recipe"  book?   To journal your own preference?  I like adding a bit more red  in the evening  to relax   &  some extra  white /  green  in the morning.  You could find  a  prefect blend of  2-3  greens,  But when  buying more of the strains,  may not achieve the same exact affect. or if  more than a few grams of white  MD  gives you...the wobbles -  to stay away

Yes you can mix any Strain of Kratom together. Some will blend better than others. You just have to try different blends of different strains & see how they effect you. Keep a Journal of your Research. You can mix whatever strains you want to. Trainwreck is usually a blend of Green, White & Red Strains equally. It usually is MD strains but different Vendors may have other Strains in there as well. Full Spectrum means a blend of different colors & sometimes different Strains to give you the Full Spectrum of Colors & Effects.

When I’m down to the bottom of the bags I mix whatever is left before I throw them out.. it’s always a surprise ?

Yea I think you can blend what ever you feel like blending ive blended all kinds of different before no big deal just some strains go better with each other than others