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Kratom is the way

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this magical botanical has changed so many lives for the better. I was on suboxone for 12 long grueling years, once I found the benefits to Kratom I haven’t looked back. Now being a daily user for several years I understand there is so many other benefits to this leaf. After I was able to quit the opiates I got off of Kratom as well but because of the overall health benefits I kept coming back to it and after experiencing the benefits first hand I’ve realized the potential of this herb and I’ve even been able to break a 2 energy drink a day habit and instead of caffeine I’m now using only the god-leaf Kratom. We are here to help you through your journey to a better life.

Me too, was on suboxone 4 years and even though I wasn't feeling anything off of the .5 dose I was taking, I had to keep taking because the withdrawls were horrible! Kratom made tapering off easy. I too no longer need caffeine, tobacco, or any narcotics to get me through the day!

I was on suboxone for a few months and then went off of those and went through withdrawals. I wanted to stay off of everything but my pain is so so bad that I needed something and so kratom is the best thing. I do still take my pain meds but I save those for the bad days. 

Same story here.  Heavy pain meds. Then subs,  wich didn't do much for me. I really can't believe what I have accomplished with kratom.  For me kratom and cannabis have gotten me off pain medication, cigarettes, and I was able to stop drinking after 20 years of heavy drinking every single night. The doctor said if I didn't stop drinking I had about a month left. My liver is shot. That was 3 years ago.

Kratom is one of the best thing to ever hit the market

I truly agree! I’ve been enjoying the benefits of Kratom since 2009! I overcame a alcohol binging addiction, and seriously I think it helped retire me somehow. The reason I say this is I did a prettt long stint in prison, falsely accused, and conviction overturned.. but the point is I had Plenty of chances to do drunks, drink hooch, and smoke while “inside”... but I didn’t. And by the time I got arrested I had been drinking Kratom for 3 years. Now that I’m out...I still have no desire for alcohol or cigarettes, and I was a pack a day girl. It’s also helped me with pain, fatigue, depression, and anxiety, and it’s No Where Near as harmful or addictive as alcohol, drugs, or cigarettes. I even recommended it to officers, and I will fight to keep it legal! Bless

I 100% agree that kratom is so effective and the best thing to happen for everyone

Sorta the same.... my Dr. Retired and my job all around the same time said No More Opoids ! And I had been responsibly taking them morning, noon and night as prescribed. So, I was cut off with No help from my Western Medical department ? and had a friend who was addicted years ago to opiates and went to Costa Rica for a year or two and came back telling me this "STUFF" Saved his Life and I tried it at the time and wasn't overly impressed. Fast forward 5 years and I was researching Everything in fear of withdrawls I knew were coming..... I started back drinking heavy to numb it and it wasn't long before I called my buddy and asked what that "stuff" was. When he said Kratom - I shit and said - No Way! I have been reading alot of Positive things about it but I've been a bit leary/scared of it to be honest. He reassured me and from the first doses I have been a believer myself ever since. I only fear how my Liver will ultimately hold up after long term use, but living with pain is No way for anyone to go through this short time we have here, and that is the Only side effect I have noticed (well, other than the typical occasional constipation it and opiates cause )

Milk thistle for liver!! Research it

Kratom is the the only way for me. I had been prescribed pain meds for many years until my Dr. went to jail, yes you read that right, jail.  Next I was prescribed Suboxone, I took it for nearly 6 years. I decided myself to stop taking it and I turned to kratom. I found a company that sold it on Facebook and that is where my journey with kratom began.  I have used it for pain management and drug addiction for the past 5 years. It is a wonderful natural supplement that helps to curb my drug addiction and also manages my chronic pain.

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