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i'm naturally a humorous person, it's just pain and anxiety clouds that, i've noticed when I have kratom, with my medications, especially Gabapentin(600mg, 4 daily) I get really talkative, which is awesome because with anxiety and panic attacks, ive become a recluse! SOOO i think it affects the humor! Because I wouldnt be as i am now, less anxiety if it didnt affect it!  

Quote from SubstanceSquid on February 24, 2021, 12:10 pm

With a really really tolerance, good kratom feels extremely empathetic and warm and happy. Talking and chatting and opening up to people feels natural, if almost necessary! It's amazing how sociable kratom can be. I think there is definitely something to be said about how kratom can positively affect communication.

Exactly, and for that reason i love kratom lol. I am an empathetic person already but definitely increases it. I find that i am very talkative when im on it and sometimes speed talk which probably gets annoying. Here lately i kind of feel almost like people may look at me like im on "drugs" or something. Also because of how it makes my eyes look. Ive been struggling with putting it down or keep on with it, other than that it isnt effecting me negatively other than feeling judge by others and beginning to judge myself... Then again it could just be me overthinking it idk


I find it depends on how good I sleep.. if I don’t I chill in my own world otherwise I’m talkative and joke all the time

I get chatty to I think kratoms a good socializing herb

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