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Message for anyone who lost Grams just now

I went through and deleted all the topics started by robots. In the process some of you guys lost huge amounts of Grams, because you all were replying to robot-created topics. I just want you all to know that I was not targeting your posts, I was just cleaning up the forum so that it is usable.

I appreciate that you guys stayed active despite the rough conditions. Expect alot more people to join soon so it'll get alot better.

Captcha enabled so the robots should be gone forever.

P.S. The Grams are not gonna be given back because low quality posts are against forum rules, and replying to robot-created topics is very low quality. However, you will have opportunities to earn lots of Grams very quickly.

P.P.S. All the orders that were put in using Grams earned with tons of low quality posts cost money, and my boss was so annoyed that he wanted to just delete this whole forum. Please keep in mind that if this forum and the free Grams are abused with so much meaningless posts the whole thing will end. But we have a 2nd chance so let's do it right.

Thank you!! Those robots were driving me absolutely nuts! And totally understand it!

I was wondering what happened, thank you!!(: I thought I did something wrong 🙁 so glad the forum was kept up, thanks for all y'all do!!! Have a great day(:

Oh. Okie doki no problem. Thanks for keeping the place swept up!

Ok everyone who lost Grams when I cleaned out the robots, here's your chance to get it all back and a lot more rapidly!


will there be other links to post  for additional grams ?   thank you

I'm still way down this is going to take forever

I hope you return soon,   seems to be another rash of spam & easy 1 point posts. Thank you very much

Where did you ladies disappear to?? We miss ya over here !!!