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This is the first forum I've seen this specific topic and I think it's super important... I was a opiate user for almost 20 years and kratom was a savior. 4 years of using it daily and 6 years off the opiates! Blessings to you all and your families!

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Same here! Was hooked on pain killers for such a long time, and not sure how I would've been able to quit without the help of kratom. Love this plant.

Congratulations! And yes this is great! Opiate, meth addict for 31 years. Been clean an sober almost 3 years now an all because of Kratom, it saved my life!!

Im extremely grateful as well as it saved me too

I used to be an alcoholic for 15 years. Now kratom is my savior, along with god of course. ?

Wow congrats everyone on your many years of being sober!! I have 1 year clean this last tuesday and am excitied for my many years to come. Thank you all for sharing.

Congratulations on the 1 year. ?

good for all of you. does anyone have suggestions on what strains help get off particular drugs?

I have used red bali , green, red n green maegnas , whites..honestly each strain has diff effects n think it differs for each person ! I detoxed off heavy opiates w kratom n it was a life saver ; using red balis n maegnas -which were very helpful w my chronic pain issues ! Green maegna seemed to help w pain n have more energy...mixed both green n red w white n did diff things! Buy varieties n keep a journal to how u feel , cuz each persons experience is different! Hagd all n keep up the good fight for us kratom users ! Share this site n links to help it grow n keep us free !??

Heck yeah! Congratulations everyone on their sobering journeys. Kratom is a powerful force for good! Keep on keeping on.

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