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FREE 600 Page Book From The Kratom Federation,1100+ Real-Life Stories About Kratom Saving Lives + Proof From Dozens Of Scientific Studies That Kratom Is Safe And Beneficial; Share This Book & Save Lives!!! Lots Of FREE Grams The More You Spread This Book!

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Hey everyone, I've been gone awhile, and really happy to come back here and see that Kratomtopia has coalesced into a self-sustaining Kratom community even without me pushing it! I love you guys 🙂

***Direct Download 600 Page Kratom Book PDF at this link it's 100% free, not even any signup/info is required to download***

Since Kratom is under serious attack from the FDA and Big Pharma, and things are looking really shady, I wrote a 600 page book to counteract this threat. It has 1100+ real-life stories of Kratom saving the lives of Americans who had drug addiction, alcoholism, chronic pain, and mental health issues, plus scientific evidence from dozens of peer-reviewed scientific studies which proves that Kratom is safe and beneficial.

Essentially, this book provides thorough and immutable evidence that Kratom is saving millions of Americans, and that banning Kratom would be a national catastrophe!

Now the goal is to spread this book to the entire government and all of the people in America, to keep Kratom legal and save lives. I figure this is the absolute best way we can prevent a Kratom ban, and also it's an excellent way to spread Kratom knowledge to save even more lives.

I am calling on my fellow Kratomtopians to help spread this book EVERYWHERE on social media and the internet, and to the government, so that Kratom stays legal. As an incentive, I'll be giving increasing amounts of FREE Grams the more you spread this book! Just post your status updates on what you're doing to spread it in this thread.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, I simply cannot do it alone, it's a monumental task. Let's save Kratom 🙂

Spread the love! Thanks for providing this forum space. So many cool people on here now

Quote from SubstanceSquid on June 4, 2021, 4:36 pm

Spread the love! Thanks for providing this forum space. So many cool people on here now

Thank Goodness you're here! Now use your prolific posting powers to put the book EVERYWHERE 😀

where did you go?     we need to know all the details    Thanks  for all your  efforts

Yep, I am going to share this book as much as I can. Thanks for this web site,  it is awesome!


please visit,   Leave a positive review-

How do I get a copy of this ?

Quote from Sphinx624 on August 8, 2021, 9:11 am

How do I get a copy of this ?    is the link to the download


Im new here. But this is great, Im going to download now!!

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