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Free 200X Kanna Extract Tablets 15 ct with $75 Kilo on, Code 1K15K

Hey everyone. is doing a new promo. If you buy a $75 Kratom Kilo, or spend $75 in general on any of the wide variety of Kratom, Hemp/CBD, and Ethnobotanical products that they have, then you get 15 200X Kanna Extract Tablets for FREE.

Simply use the code 1K15K

Kanna is a truly powerful herb that provides potent euphoria and energy followed by relaxation. Some people even refer to Kanna as 'natural MDMA' due to the strong feelings of peace and love that it generates.

You can read an experience report about what it's like to take Kanna at this link.

Best of all, the Kanna tablets from Amazing Botanicals are the strongest in the world, with each tablet being equivalent to 10 grams of fresh Kanna. Just 1 tablet is needed for a powerful experience.

So yeah, don't miss this chance to get the most potent Kanna extract in the world for free! 🙂

Is amazing website down i cant get the site to work

Quote from Shell on March 19, 2021, 10:09 am

Is amazing website down i cant get the site to work

I ordered from them 3 days ago, site was working, but tracking info still says "usps awaiting package" so not sure what is going on with them.

What is this extract?


  1. I've had pills with kanna before. I found it to be very warm and restful. I used it for sleep a lot It was only mildly psychoactive, but extracts are probably more potent than what I took.

Waiting to try this one myself😁


I would appreciate a post about the experience. I'd read it.