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This is awesome! I feel like we're walking on eggshells on FB, it's nice to have a safe place to chat here! And to get kratom for being here, that's amazing! ❤️

I can't figure out how to post if someone can help!  Love this idea!  Kratom saved my life!! 31 years of addiction, pain, health issues. Almost 3 years clean and wouldn't be here today if wasn't for this beautiful, amazing plant!!

I like the white horn that worked best for me

Most definitely

This is amazing and I’m really excited to be here! It’s so kind of you to give kratom as a gift for being active on the forums. Kratom has definitely saved me from the hell of addiction and I think it’s really messed up that the community keeps being censored for trying to share how this has saved lives.

This is so fun! What a great idea I'm so happy!!?

Thank you spacemarine! I've had chronic back pain for 15 years due to a car accident where I broke my pelvic bone.  For 12 years I took opiates.  That life episode ended in the very worst way,  using heroin.  After becoming clean I started using kratom every day.  It is truly the only way I can get out of bed. I'm thankful that more people are educating themselves on the use of kratom.  It has saved my life!

What a wonderful idea!! Thanks for including me too, so happy to be here! Kratom not only saved my life, when I was at my lowest, but also helped my loved ones! I'm forever thankful! Amazingbotanicals are truly the best!!!!

Kratom has saved my life!! After 5 neck surgeries, fibromyalgia, and chronic neck pain I became addicted to Percocet and fentanyl. The drugs ruined my life!! Kratom takes away my pain, keeps me sober and happy!!! I thank God for it!!!!

Well honey I’m honored to be added to the Forum! And it’s so sweet to help us out in the process. Amazing Botanicals is my team and I’m in love with Green Maeng Da but am looking into trying their Red Bali. I’ve tried White Maeng Da but it didn’t agree with my stomach too much, so I went back to Green. When I first began this wonderful botanical lifestyle mmm hmm, I started with Bali, and then went into the Thai. I seek energy because of the auto-immune diseases that plagued me, so I was always in pain and extremely tired. The Thai seemed to give me the get up and go without jitters like coffee can give.. although Thai is said to relax.. it gave me energy and helped me a great deal when I unexpectedly  lost my infant daughter. I wasn’t good for nothing!!! I didn’t want to be a zombie, I had to function, and  I had my oldest daughter to care for... and I was in bad shape emotionally, physically, and mentally! Kratom truly saved me in so many ways, through God of course. And yes baby! Kratom is natural! So yes I put God in it.. yep! Sure did! Lolz. I’m extremely grateful for finding Kratom, and I don’t even get that sick anymore. Could this be added to the other plethora of “green superfoods”??? It should. Long live Kratom!!! Bless

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