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Earn FREE Kratom Just For Using Kratomtopia! 1 Gram For Each Post/Topic, 5 Grams For Each Referral Signup, 10 Grams For Registering

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In order to make Kratomtopia a true Kratom utopia, we are awarding FREE Kratom just for interacting with the forum.

This is done via the native Kratomtopia currency which is called Grams, and each Gram is literally equivalent to an actual gram of potent Kratom powder!

Here's the breakdown of how much you can earn for each activity:

0.1 Grams for each post like

1 Gram for each high quality post/topic

5 Grams for each referral signup (you can get your referral link here)

10 Grams for registering

***If you post extremely low quality content, such as one word responses, one liners, spam, or any other type of garbage, your post/topic will be deleted and you will lose 1 Gram. Further, if your post is disliked you will lose 0.05 Grams. Essentially, Kratomtopia users will be rewarded with Grams for high quality content, and anyone trying to game the system with low quality content and spam will be penalized. Read the Terms and Conditions for a complete explanation.***

Once you've earned at least 30 Grams, you can redeem it for an actual 30 gram bag of highly potent Kratom powder! You can select either Red Bali, Green Maeng Da, White Thai, or Yellow Vietnam. This includes free shipping to anywhere in the USA.

Here is the redemption link. 

Also, if you earn enough points you can get a 100 gram bag, 250 gram bag, and a 1,000 gram bag in the same way.

By the way, you can view your Grams balance in your profile, under your avatar on all of your posts, and at the bottom of every page.

Welcome to the true Kratom utopia, and enjoy the free Kratom!!!! 😀

This is a wonderful idea that I hope catches on within the kratom family. I always wanted to share strains that work for me regardless of vendor. Which is an issue on social media where each vendor only allows comments about their product. To start off this I am recommending the green aceh from kraydo and the green indo from PA botanical.

I think this is a really cool idea and a wonderful way to connect people who enjoy the benefits of kratom. Yet another way to keep kratom and it's benefits known and not be silenced. We can all learn from one another, too.

I don't know who's idea this is but omg! This sounds like it's going to be amazing.  Thank you very much for the link and information.  Finally a place to talk with like minded people.  Oh and I get free kratom just for being here! Nice!!

Really hoping this catches on also. I was an I.V crystal user for years and it wasn't until I found kratom that I actually found peace in my life. Kratom helped me with my cravings, pain, anxiety, mood enhancement, and energy. It's because of kratom that my family no longer worries for my safety, they know I'm home where I belong, and I'm clean. Its literally been a miracle for me.

This is a great idea. I love kratom it has really saved me from my anxiety and bipolar 1. I dont know what I would do without it. I suggest anyone who is struggling with pain, MH issues, or addiction try it but please use it responsibly.

I love Kratom. It has helped me in many areas of my life. Especially with addiction to opiates.

I love this idea! I can't wait to get involved in such an awesome idea as this. I look forward to being a part of this community.

I like trying different brands of Kratom, this is a fantastic incentive to get a great deal & try new things.  Thanks

Hopefully this will become an active community just like the Facebook one. ?

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