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Do You Think THC Over-Powers Kratom, or Makes It Better?

Best Kratom to Pair with Cannabis
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White7 Votes · 38.89%
Green5 Votes · 27.78%
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I think it is a decent buzz for night time  to help sleep at least that is the way it is for me. Recently I got my med card and honestly it has help me more than I thought it would. First I’ve stopped drinking I was drinking about 6-8 beers a night. I’ve gone over a month with out any beer witch I didn’t think I could do. Also I was on pain killers for about 20 years 10 of those years I was on methadone which is 100 times harder to stop taking than any pain killer so I would not recommend that route. I have had 7 surgery’s for different thing and I’ve broken at least 13 bones to say my pain lever is always high. So when I found out about kratom I was very Leary that it would work for me but after trying quite a few different types I found extract helps me the best and help a lot with quitting pain killers and since then their been a couple times that even the kratom was not enough for pain so I have gone and got a couple scripts but when they ran out I’m not having a hard time like I use to because of the kratom. Kratom has been a saving grace to me. Right now I am doing better then I have in a long time. The combo of THC and KRATOM has been a god send for me. Thanks for listening guys and I hope you guys have a wonderful day

Sometimes the kratom and the weed in combo will make me too high to function for a bit but other than that smoking weed with it is great.

Honestly, I don't notice any difference. Its really seems to affect me the same, either way. I will definitely be paying more attention from now on, to see if I can notice any small differences. Great question!

I use Kratom and use cannabis together everyday with wonderful side effects:) i like to take green mang da personally and pair it with both sativa and indica strains!! They both pair each other nicely

Well I just took 3 grams of a super green blend and smoke a joint of Chemdawg .5 g 18% and they go together like peas and carrots ? jk    they are so much better together

I have cut back on smoking a lot but I will have 1 or 2 hits every like few weeks but it seems to go very well with kratom

Moderation really is everything. Too much of either ruins the experience, it can feel overwhelming fast. Sometimes the kratom seems to numb the experience. Helps nausea though.

I for the most part stopped smoking because if I have more than one hit or two hits with my kratom it goes okay but after more hits  I'm done for the day. And I have tried different kinds of indica and sativa and hybrid but if I keep it at 1 or 2 hits then I'm good

  1. I don't think it overpowers it but I definitely feel the thc more. Before kratom no matter how much thc i  smoked or are I really never felt it.

In my experience it over powers, especially edibles. Better if the THC comes after leaf.


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