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Deleted posts

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I've had a couple of posts deleted when I log back in.  I was just wondering why that keeps happening?

Not sure yet. Another user mentioned that in another thread. Admins may be clearing a couple posts that don't meet the Terms and Conditions.

I don't think I've posted anything against that stuff.  I guess I'll have to read it again.  Thanks for the reply!

I had one deleted post as well, and I was very curious as to what was deleted. I do not think that I had any violations of the terms and conditions and I wasn't posting any "filler junk" lol. Oh well, it does say the administrator may delete anything they want!

They should send you a reason why your post was deleted. I just read the rules and they seem reasonable so people don't game the system and post nonsense for the points.

I had one removed, and can’t remember why. It might have been a post that mentioned a vendor by name.

Seems like you can’t mention any other vendor besides the one that hosts the forum. Censorship free!

I hope no one deletes mine, I really enjoy it !!!

I have had one deleted and I did mention a few vendors when someone ask for feedback on good greens. I asked for an explanation. Is there a set of rules?

Yeah at bottom there is a Terms and Conditions that you can click on and read. 

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