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CBD did nothing for me

how does cbd effect you
works like a charm for pain and anxiety1 Vote · 25.00%
have tried and no effects3 Votes · 75.00%
I dont use cbd0 Votes · 0.00%
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bought some from a well known farm, wont mention the name but its a trusted source for cbd, I got the 500mg container, have been trying to just switch over to mostly cbd or bud, I took 10 of the 25mg within a few hours, nothing not even a decrease it seems in anxiety although i think it helped with sleeping, anyone else not have much of a effect with cbd? I felt nothing!

Usually the Gummies won't do much for Pain. The Full Spectrum Tincture is what you have to get for Pain Relief. It is very expensive but it usually works for most people for Pain Relief. The Gummies are usually for Anxiety & Depression but not Pain Relief. The Gummies are not as strong as the Tinctures are. Hope this Helps. I can Recommend Brothers Botanicals Full Spectrum Tincture. I have it right now & it is very powerful. Just takes a Half Dropper as a Dose which is just half a ML. So that would be 60 Doses.

For me CBD has a mild relaxing effect on my body and is able to stop headaches but that's it. The headspace it puts me in kinda weird too, I just aren't a huge fan of it outside of its value in pain relief.

Sometimes it can be hard to notice it. Some products are MUCH better than others. A good place to start is with CBD isolate.

Pyrolyzed CBD isolate actually converts to CBN, which is much more effective for anxiety. Tried smoked or vaped CBD hemp flower. Or hit CBD isolate on a banger/nail.

I personally love CBD a LOT. It's great stuff. It's not the most powerful thing in the world but it works 100%.

I've tried smoking CBD flower as well as vaping it and all it did was make me very light headed and my eyes felt kinda droopy...I was mad the first time mainly because I found out m I was sold CBD instead of THC. Huge disappointment.. my ex told me that it relieved his headaches and out him in a better mood.

when i buy cbd its not from a gas station.. i always find that where you get it from makes a huge difference.


It takes a lot and depends on the brand

I have tried a few versions of cbd and I really have not noticed anything different referring to my pain levels or anxiety. I’m still open to it tho…might be that I just have not tried any good quality 😊











Green Compass is actually a great CBD company that i just happened to stumble upon

I like to use the pain relief cream with cbd in it