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Best White Strains

Tell me your favorite white strains for energy. I want to order some different ounces but I need some Kratom Peep input!

White hulu, white thai, white indo,  white dragon and white sumatra are a few of my faves for energy/mood/focus. I go thru different vendors because not 1 carries them all together on the same site lol its ok tho.. I lovr having a few different vendors to rotate with. Definitely helps in keeping tolerance in check😁

I like white bali and white thai. White is good for earlier mornings and longer days in my experience.

Borneo, horn and thia whites do the compkete opposite for me though, i can sleep on a white.🙄

I want to try white but for some reason i feel it might trigger anxiety. I have heard its the most euphoric of the strains and thats what i like but idk. Maybe ill try in a small dose at first.

White mangda and white boreno are both pretty good! I like to mix my white and green mangda. Great combo!


White borneo is my favorite. Quick long lasting energy!