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Anyone else not received redeemed grams?

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Quote from MadMaxNightRider on May 7, 2021, 9:41 am

Can you tell me what Vendor it comes from if you don't mind?

I believe it is sourced from:

my orders were shipped from Fla.

My package arrived yesterday, so far so good. Bummer to hear your order is MIA, hopefully it's just a one off.

Usually arrives USPS, I think. Its a small packet mail. I think the AB guy sometimes holds packages for a little bit and sends them out in waves. Makes sense or otherwise he'd be running around back and forth from the post office all the time lol.

That being said, it does usually arrive very fast, sometimes as fast as 3-5 days.

When I put my order in I wait till the week end  -  sat /  sun  to  fill the cart. Then on Monday I usually get the  tracking  & by Wednesday it is delivered.   like you say  I suppose he only hits the post  every few days?

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I put my order in on May 3rd.  According to tracking the pkg still has not been received by USPS.  Contacted AB numerous times to no avail.  They are not helpful at all.  Being told my pkg is on the way. 11 days now that tracking shows same thing. This is ridiculous!

Hey bloops, did that order ever arrive?

I think all of my orders have arrived... lol too many

No 🙁  it did not! Thats ok though, I too have had too many orders since then! Lol

Oops, I'm not Bloops, I should have read a little more carefully! Well, in case yall was

My order was delayed  by a week or so - NOT  from  slow  shipment  but from  USPS   sending it  back & forth  between  post offices.   &  It only moves once a day    Tracking is nice to keep an eye on  where it is supposed to b

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