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Enter for a chance to win a kilo of premium Kratom just by registering on Kratomtopia!

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Hello all Kratom Warriors! Here at Kratomtopia we are going to be doing regular giveaways. For this first giveaway we will be giving a lucky winner 1 kilo (1,000 grams) of premium Kratom, and you can select your kilo from any of the 50+ strains on

Entering this contest is easy. Simply register on Kratomtopia!

On March 1st I will use a provably fair software program to choose the winner, I will announce the winner in this thread, I will contact the winner via the email they signed up with, and then the kilo will be sent out to you!

Good luck everyone!!!

"Provably fair" - hopefully means the first person to reply in this thread. 😉

Giveaways are good.

Awesome!! Such a Wonderful opportunity, loving this new uncensored forum.

Great news, thank you!!


New here, still learning to navigate site, but thanks for adding me

Appreciate the new platform as well as the opportunity! Kudos to  you!

Whoop whoop!! Thank you!

Fingers crossed ?


Awesome, it would be a blessing to win! 

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