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1,000 Grams GIVEAWAY! Gain Entries By Referring Friends And Sharing Kratomtopia On Social Media + Get Unlimited FREE Grams Just For Participating, Winner Will Be Announced April 20th

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Posted on my Twitter (@BillyShepard)

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Did we win yet?

Pick me pick me pick me! Pleeeeeease? lol

I missed this opportunity.

You should run this again

Quote from Sphinx624 on August 8, 2021, 9:10 am

You should run this again

agree   even for 250gm

Are there going to be any giveaways this year?? Or was this a 1 and done?

hello all,  I think  that the 30 gram givaway is the sure way to win here.  thanks for all of the up votes Warmer weather is  arriving soon

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Your right. Cant really beat it.. Nice retirement plan.. i dont know about the bicycle tho hahaha

Wish I had a lifetime supply

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